Temanit ® has a particularly favourable ecological profile since we deliberately forego the use of problematic chemicals when selecting raw materials. Our material combinations mean that fewer toxic components are released into the ambient air during combustion, thereby reducing toxicity.

Our grades are suitable for applications in home appliances (e.g. washing machines and tumble dryers), consumer electronic devices (e.g. televisions and game consoles) and small electrical appliances (e.g. coffee makers, blenders, kettles, etc.)

In addition to the above, Termanit ® is highly suitable for use in the construction industry (e.g. for pipe and profile applications) and the automotive field. It also meets the special requirements for rolling stock and public transport.

We are happy to cater to individual requirements and can supply Temanit ® within customized products for halogen-free flame-retardant injection moulding and extrusion applications worldwide.

Temanit ® halogen-free flame-retardant plastics